Lexi's Legacy is the kind of story that makes all romance novels jealous with envy …
Fab Fun & Tantalizing Reads

Lexi’s Legacy is completely different from any other vampire book … the characters are delightfully human in their emotions and is filled with little tidbits of inspiration.
Young Adult and Teen Reader’s

The characters are so realistic they set this book apart from any other vampire novel … they aren't scary, demonic creatures of the night … just "different" than humans.
Stephanie Beetham, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

Lexi’s Legacy is fast paced, well written, emotional and steamy hot … I followed Lexi, laughing, crying and learning with her as she discovers exactly what her new life will consist of …
Mom of 2 Book Reviews

Faced with a killing cancer, Lexi discovers a ‘Gift’ that will change not only her thinking but her entire life … and she steps easily into a new world.
Little Red’s Book Reviews

Lexi makes her choice … and so begins her journey as a vampire. A story of love, friendship, family and a new way of life …
Michelle’s Book Ends Book Reviews

Lexi tells her story … while discovering how to survive as a vampire … how to hunt, when to kill, and how to use her powers …
Paranormal Romance Guild

Prepare to go on a journey to another world. Become a vampire. See how they live. Feel what they feel. The author paints scenes with words that make you feel as if you’re there. You will be immersed in a paranormal world that feels and looks very real.
Linda Fulton, ‘Warlord’s Honor’

Lexi’s Legacy is unlike any other vampire tale out there … I was drawn in from the first page and couldn't let go … Lexi’s story deserves to be on the big screen because it has depth, soul and meaning.
Book Worm Brandy Reviews

The author has written an intriguing story of love, friendship and emotional growth. His characters are lifelike and likable. The flow of the story is wonderful and written in such a way that I couldn't not keep turning the pages.
Book Reviews by Lynn

Lexi’s Legacy is a sensual, decadent delight … watch a sweet, southern peach blossom into a rare, glorious, and exotic flower.
Nicky Estes, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

Lexi’s Legacy has it all … comedy, sex, drama and romance!
I Feel the Need … to Read

Get it … read it … devour it …
Butterflies, Books and Dreams

Great Book from Lexi's Point of View
Reviewer: Angela Pratt (I Feel the Need … to Read)

At the end of Book 1, The Master of Whitehall, we are left with Lexi being offered ‘The Gift’ from her best friend Katelyn. Lexi has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Katelyn does not want to lose her best friend, especially at such a young age. This book picks right back up from where the other started. The book starts out talking about the transformation and change that Lexi goes through at the hands of her "parents" James and Katelyn.

Lexi takes to her new lifestyle like a duck to water. She's able to pick up the nuances that are prevalent in vampire life. She's able to hunt with lethality and precision, killing her prey when necessary and only drinking from it the rest of the time. She's young and beautiful which helps her in her hunt. However, she's lonely. Everyone at Whitehall has a mate but her. She knows she's young and she has time, but she just can't help but feel like she needs someone with her now. And that is where she runs into problems.

This is an easy read story and if you are already a fan of The Master of Whitehall, then it already has you hooked from the start. What if you have not read the first book? It is possible to read this book as a stand-alone, but you are missing out on the back story from the first book. This is a nice story about young vampires and learning the ropes and the challenges that come along with immortality. There is comedy, sex (not very graphic), drama and romance. The book has it all. If you want a good story about vampires and a different take on their existence, then read The Master of Whitehall and Lexi's Legacy.

A Selection of Full Length Reader Reviews

Love Lexi's Legacy
Reviewer: Kim Shaw (Little Red’s Book Reviews)

Rick has done it once again. This book will make you laugh and make you cry.

“I grew up a "Daddy's Girl", always staying close to him; I thought that my daddy had hung the sun and the moon!"

With these simple words Lexi drew me into her world and her tale. I instantly connected with her having been a Daddy's Girl myself. She looked to him to help her grow. He gave her everything she needed to face life and all that it would throw at her.

Faced with a killing cancer at what should have been the beginning of her life, Lexi faces death and begins to say her `good-byes', starting with her best friend Katelyn. Suddenly discovering a ‘Gift’ that will change not only her thinking but her entire life, she steps easily into a new world.Her transition and growth from a shy bookish young woman into a strong and powerful vampire is a journey of adventure. Her new life is filled with exploration as she discovers her new life. This is a vampire story like none other ... highly recommended.

“Not The Usual Vampire Novel”
Reviewer: Douglas C. Meeks (Amazon Top 500 Reviewers)

It took me a couple of chapters to actually get into this novel but once I did I was hooked. The story of Lexi was a leftover from the previous The Master of Whitehall novel which was also a different kind of vampire novel in its lack of bloodletting violence, a trait shared with this novel.

They both have one instance of violence on people who richly deserved the fate they received, but the rest of this book is pretty much devoted to character development and kind of a "day in the life of a vampire" type theme. I am sure that description does not make you want to run out and buy the book but let me say it becomes addicting. The detailed process from a terminal cancer patient to becoming a fledgling vampire to full strength immortal was enthralling to me.

Most vampire novels are dedicated to either a romance or some effort to defeat the "big bad evil thing", but this novel does neither. It simply follows what would be a realistic track (as realistic as possible I guess is more accurate) of what a person would have to go through to actually make the transition from human to immortal. While Lexi is surrounded by loving friends in this novel I still found it a bit sad since ultimately she suffers from the normal human emotion of loneliness so we have a romance of sorts and dealing with that is a large part of this novel.

Following Lexi's now immortal life was as entertaining as most of those battles and MINE romances that I have read and was a more thought provoking novel than most, it has a tinge of making the reader wish for a similar life which usually indicates a really great story. That held true in this story.Bottom Line: It was a great book, in many ways I found it to be superior to the first novel although if I was forced to throw out some negatives it might be an excessive amount of descriptions but then again they did not come off as superfluous to me but there were many descriptions of clothes and hair which usually detract for me but in this novel did so on a much less intrusive manner. Buy both books and enjoy a story worth telling and a lot more soothing to the soul than normally you expect.

An Unusual Vampire Book
Reviewer: S. Ford  (Amazon Reviewer)

This book started off a little slow for me but I kept with it and I am glad I did.
Lexi is a newly changed vampire and she needs to learn all about her new life. The ins and outs, facts, myths, what other vampires she can trust, and her future. She attends her own funeral, finds her first love, heart break, family, and friends all while understanding her life as a vampire.
This is not the usual vampire book that I read. It’s not about sex, violence, and killing. It could actually be considered a guide to becoming a vampire and learning what they go through as they learn the ins and outs. But the one thing that stands out the most for me is that no matter if you’re mortal or immortal you can’t run from your past or your hurting. You need to heal from the inside out and move forward so you can be truly happy with your life and yourself.

Some Editorial Comments From Our Readers and Reviewers

A Must read!
Reviewer: Momof2 Book Reviews

First off, I would like to say that I was deeply honored when I was asked by Rick Veal to read and review his new book, Lexi's Legacy. I absolutely loved his first book The Master of Whitehall. It ended in such a way that I couldn't wait to find out what happened with all of the character's.

As I began reading, I was pleasantly surprised. Lexi's Legacy picks up right where The Master of Whitehall left off. All of the characters that I had grown to love were still in the story, and even better, we get to know them a lot more! The story begins right after Lexi has accepted 'The Gift" from Katelyn. We get to follow along as Lexi learns exactly what her new life will consist of. We are there as Lexi has her first hunt, and as she deals with the pain of watching her parents accept her death. Lexi has much to learn in this new life, and she is determined to make the most out of it. Did Lexi make the right choice when she chose to accept "The Gift"? How will she deal with not being able to see most of her loved ones ever again? Will there be a special someone for Lexi in her immortal life? You will just have to read the book to find out!

I must say that I absolutely loved this book. The story flowed perfectly and once I began reading I did not want to stop. As I followed Lexi's journey, I laughed with her, cried with her and learned with her. There were times that I loved the way the story was going, and there were times when my heart was broken and I was angry. It was so nice to watch Lexi really blossom as a character.If you are looking for a book that is fast paced, well written, emotional and steamy sexy, this one is for you! I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed and you will be impatiently waiting for Veal to write the third.

A Fantastic Vampire Story
Reviewer: Lynn Worton (Book Reviews by Lynn)

This is the second story in The Master of Whitehall series. I really enjoyed it!
Alexis (Lexi) Gordon is Katelyn's friend at college. She is a wonderful character. She is funny, sweet and a little naive. But, when her life is turned upside down, she accepts her friend's offer to become immortal. This is her story.

Having read the first story, I was looking forward to reading this one. I started to read the story and, although it mirrored some of the scenes from the previous book, it was interesting to see them through Lexi's eyes. Becoming a vampire actually suits Lexi. She gains more confidence in her abilities, but she is still young and impetuous. The story is told mostly through Lexi's point of view, but Katelyn and a new character, Gale, has their say too. Gale, a 1600 year old vampire, is an intriguing character. She is one of the "Old One's" and is extremely powerful. Gale comes into Lexi's life after a distressing event that, because of Lexi's vampire youth, she is not able to cope with. The story has many twists, but I did find some of the dialogue to be still a little gushy at times. However, it was intriguing to see how Lexi's experiences have shaped her, and made her grow emotionally. I was a little surprised at how she dealt with Mikey, after their relationship ended badly. I certainly wouldn't want to be on Lexi's bad side; she's a woman scorned, and that's all I'm going to say! The story is not full of action, nor is it a romance novel, although there is a bit of both, but it is more of a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth. The story does not end on a cliffhanger, but I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as soon as possible.

Rick Veal has written an intriguing story of love, friendship and emotional growth. His characters are lifelike and likable. His writing style is not as fast paced compared to other authors I have read, but the story was written in such a way that I couldn't not keep turning the pages. The flow of the story was wonderful.

There are some scenes of a sensual nature that are a little on the hot side (although not as explicit as some books I have read), so I do not recommend this book for younger readers. I do, however, recommend this book if you love paranormal romances with sexy vampires. - Lynn Worton

The Best Paranormal Book I've Read in a Long Time...
Reviewer: Karlie Mathison

Lexi is a southern peach. Sweet, innocent, fresh as her mama's pecan pie...and then comes the news … her family doctor standing at her side … cancer, terminal cancer, six to eight weeks to live. She's never really got to live and now she has to die? How is that fair? Shouldn't she get the chance to live too?

Luckily Lexi has a best friend, Katelyn, who has recently acquired a wonderful gift that she can give to Lexi to help her with her little problem. I mean what's a girl to do when she finds out her best friend is dying? Well, you offer her eternal life of course.In Lexi's Legacy, Veal delivers a sensual, decadent delight. In which you watch a sweet, southern peach blossom into a rare, glorious, exotic flower. I read it in one sitting ... which is really rare for me...but I just couldn't put it down ... you just want to know ... what’s next???

Lexi's Legacy -- Makes All Romance Novels Jealous With Envy!
Reviewer: Fab, Fun & Tantalizing Reads

The Master Whitehall story has a great new edition. Lexi takes the story and completes it. In this book I felt the family become whole. Each page created a new piece of story that I could not stop reading! Her transformation is brilliant. It felt intimate and personal. I was moved and touched to tears. Each moment felt like a caress from a lover.

Lexi's journey transforms her. No longer the shy girl we met, she radiates in her new life. Her transformations and story held me captive from page one until the end. I felt each time she learned something new, something in her awakened. Every new thing was a new possibility, self- discovery.

Charlotte Ann rocks my socks. She is just beyond any era awesome. I think in her lifetime she has been a fierce force of nature. Supernatural and human. Honestly - she is great!
Dale is the sweetest souls to grace any planet. I wanna take him into my heart and keep him. Lol!

The love story is strong and soulful. The key players, Katelyn and James, are still there and still in love. Over and over they win your heart. Each stolen glance feels genuine and real. It's like they were made for one another for all lifetimes. It's a love that would make all romance novels jealous with envy …

It was like coming home. I had forgotten how much I missed them. Each character in the series is so unique. I was catching up with old friends.

The book flows effortlessly from page to page. I adored Lexi and her journey. Such a wonderful addition. The Master of Whitehall series is a must read.Book one made me fall in love, book two made me yearn for more. Lexi's legacy brings us back home. We get to journey into the new life with Lexi, and see our old friends along the way. Love, friendship and trust. I was caught up in the story and the world that Rick Veal creates. I sometimes forget I'm not sitting at Whitehall entertaining my eternity ... What a wonderful idea! Do you think I could maybe get an eternity too? Come on Mr. Veal ... We can at least discuss it- right?? Haha! I would be a great Vampire addition ... We need to work on this and discuss ... Read this book, read this series - just in case you did not get that!

Awesome Book
Reviewer: Romulus (Amazon Reviewer)

This book is great. It picks up where book one left off and it's all about Lexi and her new life. It shows vampires aren't blood thirsty killers and are closer to human than we want to admit. Lexi endures love, heart break and learning to be a vampire all while keeping her humanity. She learns that now she feels every emotion, love or hate, pain or joy with extreme feeling. She becomes part of the family and meets an ancient one who shows her how her life can be now. This book is a wonderful read that shows another side to being a vampire and anyone can be a family no matter who or what you are. I give it 5 stars and am hoping there will be a book 3.

Romance and a Vampire Handbook all in One
Reviewer: Young Adult and Teen Readers

"We are all together again... five individuals whose lives spanned more than four centuries... five members of mortal families, from four different times... all brought together for eternity by one gift...now bonded into one strong and formidable immortal family."

Ever wondered what it's really like to be a vampire? The ins and outs, the myths and truths, what immortals have to deal with on a daily basis, what kind of problems they have? Then this is the book for you.

"I soon discovered that whether you are mortal or immortal you cannot run from your hurts, they must heal from within, only then are you able to face them and continue on with life."

This book follows Lexi, a newly changed vampire and her adjustment to her new life, as she learns how to survive, what is truth and fiction, how to deal with the past and the future, even how to find love. From attending her own funeral, losing her virginity, her first love, heartbreak, healing, friendship and family, we will go through all of it with Lexi as she adjusts to being a Virgin Vampire. I really enjoyed this book it was completely different from any other vampire book that I have read. This book could become the quintessential, go to book, if you want to know what it's like to be a vampire. It was great to read a vampire book that wasn't just about violence, killing and sex it was about family, emotions, and coping with changes and situations. The characters were delightfully human in their emotions, which is another thing I liked. It is filled with little tidbits of inspiration and a story that women can relate to and gain knowledge from. I think this is a book all people over the age of 17 would enjoy.

Lexi's Legacy
Reviewer: Darlene Gross

I couldn't wait to get started on Lexi's Legacy! If this was anything like "The Master of Whitehall" I knew what I was in for. And true to the writing it was, the author didn't let me down. I hated to put this down just like I did his first one. He draws you into it as you go along. It also has some very juicy adult scenes.

If you haven't read "The Master of Whitehall" you need to read it before reading this one, as this is a continuance of it. The characters are very much an individual and I had missed them as I read and caught up with them, just like old friends. These books are different from any vampire books you have ever read, but very enjoyable. As you really learn what it's like to be a vampire.

Lexi draws you into her world as she changes from a shy bookish young girl into a strong and powerful vampire, she likes to call herself immortal. At times she wonders if she made the right choice when she accepted "The Gift". As you follow her journey, you laugh with her, you cry with her and you learn with her, as she grows.These books are fast paced, emotional, steamy sexy and very well written. I'm sure you won't be disappointed in reading these and be very impatiently waiting for Mr. Veal to write the next part of "The Master of Whitehall" Saga, I know I am!

"How to Book on being a Vampire"
Reviewer: Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the second book in the series.  When we left off in book one, Lexi was just given "The Gift" by her best friend, Katelyn.  Lexi had the choice to be turned into a vampire or go with her doctor's death sentence.  With only a matter of weeks to live, Lexi chose a new life free of illness and death.  Now James and Katelyn are not only her best friends, but her immortal mother and father.

It is Christmas Eve, and James has fulfilled Katelyn's desire for a Christmas filled with lights and a huge Christmas tree and the presence of her family, James, Katelyn and Dale and Charlotte Ann.  Charlotte Ann was James' maker and Dale was kidnapped and changed by a rogue vampire seeking companionship. When his maker chose to end his existence, Dale found himself alone and seeking to end his as well. That is until Charlotte Ann, James and Katelyn made him one of their family, filled with love and the knowledge of what he really was and was really capable of.  Now finally happy and in love with Charlotte Ann, the family at Whitehall is content, or is it?

The one thing that Lexi wants is a mate, someone to share eternity with like her family, but she has no idea how to go about finding one.  Does she look for an immortal? Or does she find a human to turn?  She learns that it is not an easy decision to just turn a human; it is a choice that will last for an eternity.  She can't turn someone against their will; or she will do to them what was done to Dale.

In this book Lexi tells her story, her life before "The Gift," and her life learning to embrace it.  With Charlotte Ann's help, she is learning what she needs to know to survive as a vampire.  How to hunt, when to kill and how to use her powers.  She knows that she is loved, so it makes it easier for her to grow.  But when she finally does find the "one," will she finally get what she has been looking for?I have to commend the author for doing an amazing job of giving the reader a refresher on what transpired previously.  During the Christmas party Katelyn reminisces about what happened over the past year, Lexi's turning, Dale and Charlotte Ann, finding each other and Lexi's human death and funeral.  Although I read the first book I needed to be caught up a little and I am so grateful for an author who understands that and has such a unique way of doing it.  This is all told in Lexi's words, her feelings, thoughts and desires and it is definitely a "How to Book on being a Vampire."  I loved it.

Consumer Reviews - Lexi's Legacy: The Epic Saga Continues

Absolutely Riveting! The Author is a genius!!
Reviewer: Stephanie Beetham

'Lexi's Legacy' picks up where 'The Master of Whitehall' concludes. It launches an entirely new realm of events that occur after Lexi accepts Katelyn's special 'gift'. I absolutely adore Lexi! She is simply the epitome of a southern bell. I was immediately enticed by her, after she was introduced in the first book, 'The Master of Whitehall'.

Soon after Lexi experiences her new immortality, she begins struggling with her "old" human emotions. Through a turn of events, Lexi meets Gale. Gale is an 'ancient' vampire and "bleeds" dominance and seduction. Meeting Gale is one of the most exciting escapades in this novel. The shift in Lexi's character, after her encounter with Gale, brings the story to an entirely new, and exciting, level!

The author has the reader hypnotized by these characters from the very beginning. I am just in awe at how realistic each one of them are. He describes so vividly, the ins and outs in their lives and relationships. He delicately intertwines the love they have for one another, with the blood lust that governs their entire existence. This is what sets this book apart from any other vampire novel. They aren't deemed the scary, demonic creatures of the night. They are just "different" than humans. The author is a literary genius!Lexi's Legacy is just as riveting as its predecessor, 'The Master of Whitehall'. The reader will not be able to pull away from this book. As with 'The Master of Whitehall", you will be left "thirsting" for more. If you are going to delight in 'Lexi's Legacy', I highly recommend that you purchase the first book of the saga as well. I assure you that you will be captivated from the very beginning!!

A Story of Love, Friendship, Family, and A New Way of Life
Reviewer: Michelle’s Book Ends Book Reviews

 "I became aware of Katelyn, standing close to me and holding my hand as I turned and looked into the yawning depths of the abyss of death. I felt her slight pull on me as she held me, not allowing me to go any closer to the ragged edge of darkness. I smiled knowing that Katelyn was protecting me and that together we had beaten and destroyed the thing that had tried to kill me …"

Book two in the "Master of Whitehall" vampire series. This book is about Lexi, Katelyn's best friend. After Katelyn begins a new life with James, Lexi learns that she is very sick and has a small amount of time to live. Heartbroken, but with secrets of her own, Katelyn is able to help Lexi. Even though this is book two it is also a stand-alone. The story is well written and clear. You will not be left wondering who is who or what happened. There are two other vampires that also are part of this story line. Charlotte Ann the woman who made James who he is. Then there is Dale, a young man who was taken into the life against his wishes. He is saved by the vampires of Charleston when he meets them and becomes part of their clan. It helps Lexi to have her new family of immortals in her life.

Lexi makes her choice and so beings her journey as a vampire. Thankful to be alive, but having to give up people she loves. It is still a story of love and friendship and family and a new way of life. As like the first book in the series the characters are well written and easy to fall in love with. Set in Charleston South Carolina and Savannah Georgia. The setting in the story will make you feel as if you've been there. If you haven't, these are places not to miss in life.

One bittersweet part of this story is when Lexi chooses to return to Savannah. Her parents have been notified of her death, and under the cover of her friends, she is able to go to her own memorial service. Will Lexi really be able to break all ties with her mortal life? Can she watch the ones she loves mourn her death?

Lexi's new life isn't all sad. There is much to learn about being a vampire and she's taken quite well with her new role. Perhaps a first love is also around the corner? Can Lexi ever see the ones she loves again? This is a time for changes and new friends that Lexi will need. You'll have to read this one and find out the answers to the questions though! Now onto book three in the series, the story of "Dale's Descent."

"I tried to walk as nonchalantly as I could over to where he was standing, "Hi there!" I began, "what are you reading?" He looked up at me and flashed a perfect smile … with dimples. "A book," he said with a soft laugh. "It's that new paranormal romance novel, ‘The Master of Whitehall’, it's set right here in Charleston," he commented as he flipped the book up so I could see the cover, "it's about some girl who moves here and meets and falls in love with a man who turns out to be a vampire. Everyone is talking about it and says it's a really great love story …"

I absolutely love this series. Well written, as well as elegant and classy with a historical overlay. The bridges between the past and the present are so smoothly intertwined that you can't help but love this story.

All contents and artwork Copyright © 2016 The Master of Whitehall. All rights reserved.