A Fantastic Finish to This Saga
Reviewer: Betty Olsen

This is the fifth and final book of The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall. This is the beginning story of the life of James Thomas Dubois and how he became a powerful and oldest Immortal (also known as a Vampire) in America. He considers being an Immortal a gift. He's a handsome and refined gentleman. However, he is a predator of humans because he needs their blood to survive. Charlotte Ann Erickson becomes his friend, lover, maker and teacher. This epic story tells of their journey through the centuries, the people they have met and the different countries they have visited. Theirs is an eternal bond of love and friendship that will never end. However, in the 21st century James finally meets his destiny!!

I hated to see this epic saga end but what a great finish! This story was the most emotionally charged of all (had me crying and laughing) I so highly recommend this book and the entire series (this is not your usual vampire saga – it’s so much more and so much better). You can actually start the series with this one if you wish and continue on from there. Happy reading!!

A Masterfully Crafted Tale
Reviewer: Young Adult and Teen Readers

"Fate can and often does step into one’s life, takes over, and then guides that person to its destined end."

This final installment in The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall series is the story of James Thomas Dubois, the Master of Whitehall himself. He discovers that fate plays a huge hand in the outcome of his life. The story is, like its four predecessors, a masterfully crafted tale. The reader will learn of James’ tragic past and the events that ultimately lead him into the arms of Charlotte Anne and everlasting life. When Charlotte Ann enters his life she soon becomes his friend, lover, and, opening the Fountain of Youth to him, his maker. James quickly adjusts to his new immortal life, while still maintaining the gentlemanly ways of his mortal life.Over the years he learns to change with the times, setting in place plans for required changes to cover the fact that he never changes while those around him necessarily age and die. Although he is gifted with immortal life he learns that … “Life for us tends to go on pretty much as usual, even to the point that many times our lives become parallels of the often boring lives of mortals.” Yet as the years become decades and then centuries, he continues to follow the path Fate has set for him, eventually learning that one road will lead him to his eternal mate.

A Fangtastic Journey Comes to an End

Reviewer: Just Jamie’s reviews

A brilliantly told story of epic proportions, lavish in detail. Rick H. Veal has covered all his bases in this final installment in The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall. In this story, we learn how James Thomas Dubois came to be the immortal who gives everlasting life to Katelyn in what began the saga of The Master of Whitehall.

A poignant and carefully crafted story that is rich in historical fact and fiction. The Master of Whitehall Saga has captivated me from the very first book and I was not disappointed with this final installment. Rick Veal has lovingly written James's story with new details, a few new characters and old characters I am as familiar with as the back of my own hand.

Join James as recounts his birth, life, marriage, devastating loss and the start of his immortal life. Travel back in time to colonial Charleston, where James's life begins. Feel his joy on the day of his marriage to the love of his human life, Mary Elizabeth. Know his happiness at the birth of his first child. And share his grief at the loss of his beloved Mary Beth and their second child during childbirth.Travel with James to London, where he will meet Charlotte Ann, who will become his maker and introduce him to his new life as an immortal. Adventure with them throughout Europe, Egypt and other exotic places. Return with him to his beloved Whitehall Plantation in Charleston, where he will meet the love of his new life as the saga comes full circle.

The Best of the Series
Reviewer: Little Red’s Book Reviews

 James’ Journey is where The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall begins … and ends. The author does something that I found truly fascinating at the very beginning of James' Journey … he allows James to tell us, the READERS, his story. The way this story is written you can easily see the author gave it his all. You, the reader, can actually feel the gut wrenching emotions that are in this book. When James laughs, hurts or cries, the reader laughs, hurts and cries right along with him.

The author wrote this book last so it can be said that he saved the BEST for last … but now that it is out … it is one that can and should be read first. The author’s writing technique is different from anyone else's and his stories are written with class and style. He is a brilliant writer, knowing how to grab his reader’s attention, reach into and touch the center of their emotions, and then hold onto both long after the telling of the story is finished.

This reviewer has followed this series from the very beginning and cannot recommend it highly enough. The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall is an absolute must read for the connoisseur of the vampire genre.

“The Icing on the Cake …”
Reviewer: Michelle’s Book Ends

“I heard the gentle echo of Mary Beth’s words from so many years ago float softly through my soul ‘… somewhere, across the great expanse of time, at some point in the far distant future, you will find someone else … I was the love of your old life … the center of that universe … she will be the love of your new life and the center of your new universe …’ and they shook me to the core of my being.”

We return with the final installment of "The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall." This is the fifth book in this immortal vampire series.  James begins his journey overseas, after the death of his wife and baby daughter, not to return again to Charleston for one hundred twenty three years. I cried when I read of the deaths of his beloved family.

James was born into a wealthy family, made so by the hard work of his father and grandfather before him. He is well educated in both knowledge and the social graces, he is the ultimate gentleman.

We learn exactly how James came to be an immortal and what became of his life. Will his new life help him find the peace he seeks? He can't immediately return to his family, they would know or be in danger. His maker, Charlotte Ann, will teach him whatever he needs to know before returning to "Whitehall." His journey ultimately brings him home.  However, due to war and the passage of time his home will not be as he left it.

James learns to live at home again. Spending time with friends and traveling all that he had not yet seen. Finally he returns and there he meets the second true love of his life, Katelyn. Where one life ended another began. 

While you could just read this book, I highly recommend the entire series. This one is the "icing on the cake", written with class, elegance, and such descriptive wording that you will feel as if you've stepped into the story.  It's not just the characters that are so well defined, but also their surroundings. I absolutely loved this series. It feels real, as if the author has first-hand knowledge of vampires. I did gasp a little when I realized the story had come full circle to where it first began.

James’ Journey is a Rite of Passage.

Reviewer: Six Feet Under Book Reviews

This book follows James from boy, to adolescent, to adult, to immortal.  You learn his history and that of the world around him.  How he comes into being.  How his world is shaped by the immortals around him.  Whitehall Manor is the one constant in his life, his anchor to the mortal world. 

 James’ story is tumultuous at best.  You feel it with him.  From the highs, to the lows.  Your heart is torn out of your chest, stomped on, then politely brushed off with a sweet sorry and a kiss, only to have it done again.  At one point I wasn’t sure he was going to survive his depression and was concerned.  But then like a pendulum there is an upswing.  He catches a break and meets Charlotte Ann, who changes him for the better. She guides him, she understands him, she needs him. 

This is a well written story.  I craved to know what was going to happen to James. As changes came to the South, would James be found out?  Would he survive?  How would he cope?

Forget everything you know about vampires.  They are not loners, they seek each other out.  Maybe drawn to each other is a better way of putting it.  If another immortal is close, they can sense it.  Their life might be empty once their mortal family dies, but they have their immortal family with them.  Older ones teach the younger ones. They are just like mortals only better. 

Some Editorial Comments From Our Readers and Reviewers

“A brilliantly told story of epic proportions, lavish in detail!”
Just Jaime's Book Reviews

“… the ‘icing on the cake’ to this series, written with class, elegance, and such descriptive wordings that you will feel as if you've stepped into the story.”
Michelle’s Book Ends

“The emotions the story brings out brought this reader to tears and made my heart ache for James.”
Weet Weet’s Book Shelf

“…the most anticipated installment of the entire Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall.”
Little Red’s Book Reviews

“An intriguing conclusion to a series that transcends all expectations … powerful and yet humbling.”
Stephanie Beetham, Reader/Reviewer

“The long awaited journey of James Dubois was worth the wait.”
Christy Dixon, Reader/Reviewer

“Forget everything you know about vampires …”
Six Feet Under Book Reviews

“… another masterfully crafted tale!”
Young Adult and Teen Readers

“I felt like James was sitting in a chair and pulling me into his world.”
All About the Edits

“A poignant and carefully crafted story that is rich in historical fact and fiction.”
Nerd Girl Book Reviews

“… a case of the very best, saved for last!”
Dragonfly Dreams Promotions

"… an intriguing series of love, loss, friendship and emotional growth that will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion."
Book Reviews by Lynn

The Saga Comes Full Circle
Reviewer: Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The Master of Whitehall, James Thomas Dubois has come full circle from book one to now. This is James' story told in the first person of his journey from a mortal to an immortal. James grew up in Charles Towne, South Carolina where along with his father and grandfather they ran the plantation.

When James met his wife Mary Beth it was the happiest day of his life. Together they had a son and life couldn't be better till Mary Beth and his daughter both died in child birth. For three years James lived in grief working day and night on the plantation and visiting the cemetery at night. Fearing for his son his father arranged for him to go to England where he would spend two years in Cambridge studying. It was his father's hope that a change of scenery and time in school would lift the grief his son was living with. When James finished school he would return as Master of Whitehall and his father would retire but those plans never came to pass.

James met Charlotte Ann Erickson and began to once again feel love only Charlotte Ann was no ordinary woman she was in fact a vampire. Charlotte Ann changed James in every possible way and it was apparent that he could no longer return to Whitehall until everyone there was gone. He had no regrets about his new life and Charlotte Ann and he had a wonderful time together.

It took one hundred twenty three years before James finally returned home. The Civil War left Whitehall like so many other plantations in total chaos and about to be lost due to back taxes. James had no intention of letting his home go and eventually brought it back to its past glory. His only problem was that he was alone in South Carolina with no other immortal to keep him company. He didn't lack for women but he was a man totally different from all those around him. In hundreds of years he still never found that one true love that would bring him to take a mate. He loved Charlotte Ann but it was not the love he had for Mary Beth and he was ready to find someone.

Traveling the world amassing a fortune and having a home in New York and South Carolina did not do anything for his loneliness until the day he met Katelyn. If you have been following this series then you read about her in book one and so as I said before the saga went full circle.

James' story at times was sad and at times happy but he never forgot Mary Beth and his daughter. He did his best for his son but from a distance and always loved him. This is a series that should definitely be read in order.

Sad to See the End of This Saga
Reviewer: Darlene Johnson Gross

As always Rick draws you into the story and makes you feel as if you are there. James' Journey is the last of the saga, but truthfully the beginning of it all. It begins with the mortal side of his story. The wealth of his father and grandfather made him a rich man from his birth. Follow his life as he marries, has a son, and then loses his wife and daughter during childbirth. He couldn't get over their loss, so his father sent him away to college in England. While he was away he met Charlotte Ann and she turned him. They traveled the world for over 100 years until he had to go back to his family home or lose it. He went back to Charleston and returned Whitehall to its former glory. After he got the house and grounds back in order he was rejoined by Charlotte Ann and they resumed their travels. He finally settled back at Whitehall and visited the Charleston colleges quite often in order to feed.

I admit I cried and I laughed while reading this book. Even though I couldn't wait for it to come out, I hated to see it come knowing that this was the end of this saga. I have to hand it to you Rick, you got me back into reading again, and a big THANK YOU goes to you my friend. I can't wait to see what you come out with next.

A Long Awaited Journey
Reviewer: Christy Dixon

The long awaited journey of James Dubois was worth the wait. James’ story starts in the early days of the Charleston settlement when his family received land from the King to start over in the new world. James’ Journey takes you through the ups and downs in his life including marriage, children, the loss of loved ones and James’ rebirth as an immortal when his life really begins. James’ adventures start when Charlotte Ann gives him the gift and the two of them start out on an amazing journey to see all they can … and we meet a few new characters along the way. Finally, the journey brings you back to present day with Katelyn and the other family members of the coven.

A Magnificent Journey Through Time
Reviewer: Weet Weet’s Book Shelf

“James’ Journey: The Interlude” is the story of James’ life, how he came about and what happened during the two hundred eighty seven years he lived before he met Katelyn. I have wondered about James’ past since book one and was excited to finally see what all he went through. I was surprised by the emotions the story brought out in me, bringing me to tears more than once and had my heart aching for James. I felt like I lived his life right next to him the whole time, feeling everything he went through. I got to learn how and when his second life started and what brought him to that time period in his human life. I experienced his joy, love, hurt, heartbreak and then his happiness, excitement and love all over again. I learned as he learned. His magnificent journey through time, thanks to his second life, was amazing and extremely informative.

This story was everything I had hoped for when I started it.  James is my favorite in the series and I love him even more after reading his story. I am so glad that Rick Veal decided to write James’ story and to let us know where everything began for him. James’ Journey will keep you hooked from page one until the end when you’ll have the urge to re-read The Master of Whitehall all over again.

Fantastic Conclusion
Reviewer: Lynn Worton

This is the fifth and final book in The Master of Whitehall Saga. I loved it! James Dubois is a fascinating character. I really liked him when he was first introduced in the first book of the series. Although he's a vampire, he is a quintessential gentleman. This is his story and follows events leading up to his meeting of Charlotte Anna in 1752 and how she changed his life by making him an Immortal, then meeting Katelyn Corbin in 2012 when his life changed once more.

Having read the other four books in the series, I was excited when the author contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading this one. I jumped at the chance and was not disappointed. I was quickly pulled into the story and was swept away into the past. The author has done a lot of research into the history in which this book is set. His descriptions brought the past to life, as well as certain characters.

This book is told through the eyes of James and it took me on a roller coaster ride of emotion. I found myself empathizing with him as he dealt with the terrible loss of his wife and child. It is not easy to lose someone you love. I was a little envious of Charlotte Ann for finding a wonderful companion and friend in James though. I must admit I felt sad about the state of Whitehall manor after the Civil War, but happy that James managed to get it back to its glory. James has lived a long and sometimes turbulent life, and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a journey through history and his memories of them with him. I hope that he and Katelyn will have many more years to make new memories in the future. I reached the end of the book with mixed emotions - happy that things have come full circle, but sad that the saga has ended.

Rick Veal has written an intriguing series of love, loss, friendship and emotional growth that will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion. His characters are lifelike and likable. His writing style has improved a lot and is faster paced than ever before. The flow of the story is wonderful, and this kept me turning the pages. I would definitely read more of this authors work in the future.

There are some scenes of a sensual nature that are a little on the hot side (although not as explicit as some books I have read), so I do not recommend this book for younger readers. I do, however, recommend this book (and series) if you love paranormal romances with sexy vampires or immortal beings.

Pick This One Up!
Reviewer: Jenn Wood

I have always held a fascination with vampires; particularly in books or movies, where they allow the reader a glimpse into their lives.  The ability to be transported into the past, to relive those moments as the world grew up around them.  The author does an incredible job of creating an atmosphere that consumes the reader.  The attention to detail in the descriptions of the characters, the locations, the important events that are described within the pages, is superb, and how he intertwined fact with fiction was seamless.  I truly felt like the characters were real people, and James was sitting in the chair across from me, pulling me into his world.  This story is one that can be enjoyed by readers of all genres, and I encourage you to pick this one up!

Powerful … Yet Humbling
Reviewer: Stephanie Beetham

This intriguing contribution to The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall transcends all expectations. It is powerful, yet humbling.  The main character, James, oozes a delicate charm.  The author of this gem has such a unique way with words.  The exquisite way he introduces the characters makes them incredibly real, allowing the reader to relate in a very personal manner.
The grief that James endures from losing his wife, Mary Elizabeth, is so agonizing; however, he discovers that things ultimately happen the way they do, so fate could bring him to Charlotte Ann, who ushers him on an unimaginable journey as an immortal. James begins a new life with a new found peace … he is no longer afraid of being abandoned. The plethora of emotions in this story will pull the reader’s heart in all of the right directions.  This is a story of loss and grief, but also friendship and love. I always fall in love with Mr. Veal’s characters.  They appeal to every audience.   There are so many wonderful messages intertwined within these pages.  This is such a beautifully written story, and the perfect addition to The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall.

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