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With the addition of Dale's Descent the epic saga of The Master of Whitehall is quickly becoming THE vampire love story of the century!
Little Red’s Book Reviews

… a very nice surprise … an “Old School” vamp story that was not only refreshing, it was written beautifully - bordering on old fashioned yet told through a modern voice.
The Indie Bookshelf

Dale's Descent is the PERFECT addition to the Master of Whitehall series. The author is unique in his style of writing. He personifies Dale as so realistic. As paranormal/vampire series go, you will NOT be disappointed!
Stephanie Beetham, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

I liked Dale when I met him in the first book, but fell in love with him in this one. He is quite charming, but can be extremely deadly to his prey. The author has written an intriguing series of love, friendship and emotional growth. His characters are all lifelike and likable.
Book Reviews by Lynn

A fantastic must read for vampire lovers …
Young Adult and Teen Readers

I was drawn in from the beginning eager to learn about the lost boy who finds his way. There is so much emotion and love … a book I couldn't put down.
Weet Weet’s Bookshelf Reviews

I recommend Dale’s Descent to anyone who loves a good romance, vampires and great characters …
Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I enjoyed every page and couldn't put it down!! Great job!
Book Worm Brandy Reviews

Dale’s Descent is not your typical vampire story … the perfect combination of emotion, love and action.
Mom of 2 Book Reviews

Dale's Descent is the whipped cream on the wonderfully immortal sundae called The Master of Whitehall …
Nicky Estes, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

A Very Nice Surprise
Reviewer: The Indie Bookshelf

What a very nice surprise. This story was not only refreshing, it was written beautifully - bordering on old fashioned yet told through a modern voice.
I'm not going to re-tell the premise because if you already enjoy good vamp books, you'll like this one. So let me instead, tell you how reading it made me feel. The unique and charming way Mr. Veal takes you through his "old school" vampire journey is like nothing I've ever experienced. The characters were chivalrous and thoughtful, yet never denying they could also be extremely lethal if careless or unnurtured. Let's face it, vampires who set standards is simply not done very often. They also loyally stuck together, making sometimes the most unfortunate situations easier to endure...because even though unrelated, they were a family. And what's more, their thinking was starting to make sense and I was beginning to empathize with their bloodlust needs. I mean, you get more bees with honey, right? I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the intimacy throughout the story as well. Yes, there was lots of it, but again, in a gentler, leave-some-of-it-to-the-imagination, kind of way. Oh trust me, it'll still make you squirm...*smiles really big*
Okay so...I will admit that there were descriptions and/or dialogue that I felt could have been slimmed down a bit and...uhm...the cover. Let me just say that the author already knows how I feel about I'll stop at that.
Nonetheless, I quite liked Dale's story and his journey from the creative mind of Mr. Veal. This is definitely a case where you just cannot judge a book by its cover because y'all, it's that good!

Consumer Reviews - Dale's Descent: A Journey Into Darkness

A Great Immortal Read
Reviewer: Ann Marie Myers

Okay, so I am gonna be honest here. At first I thought this series … I don’t know … lacked something … lust … blood lust … and maybe even some evil. But I am wrong and as I look back on the three books I realize that you don’t need that blood lust, all the death and even sex to have a good story. I really loved Dale’s story. I thought it read well. I found that a book can have and hold much love and desire without the intensely written sex scenes that we usually find. What I have found in this series written by Mr. Veal is a story of friendships and family. Family does not always mean that you are born as brother and sister but you become a family thru love and true friendships. Sometimes we find the love of our lives in our closest dearest friends. Dale didn’t have it easy when he was first turned into a vampire, but in the end he became a much better Immortal, friend, lover and brother. Great read! I really liked this one!

Reviewer: Stephanie Beetham (Amazon Reader/Reviewer)

Wow. Where to begin? I anxiously awaited the next book in The Master of Whitehall series, and it exceeded all of my expectations. Dale's Descent is the PERFECT addition to the Master of Whitehall series. The author is so unique in his style of writing. The way he personifies Dale in this book is so realistic. A difficult task for authors of transcendental novels is portraying their characters as real and believable. I fell in love with Mr. Veal's writing style because he does this flawlessly!
Dale's story seems the most intriguing to me out of the three. The abuse and neglect that he endured after turning immortal is so grim, yet his character is so strong and able to push through and overcome. His story holds so much pain, but also much hope for something better. I love that it holds such a heart-warming conclusion. I won't reiterate his tale to you, because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I give it 5 stars, simply because this novel speaks for itself. As far as paranormal/vampire series go, you will NOT be disappointed! I suggest reading the first two, in addition to Dale's Descent. I honestly have an endless number of positive things to say about it. Good writing brings a novel to life... Mr. Veal does just that.

A Journey from Light … to Dark … to Light Again

Reviewer: Michelle’s Book Ends

“I have killed thousands of times since that first awful night. Just like my maker ended my life so abruptly, killing my hopes and dreams, I too have killed a lot of hopes and dreams. In the beginning I tried to keep count because I wanted to remember the face of every individual whose life I had taken. I wanted it to stay with me and remind me of what I had become and what I had done. I gave up that endeavor years ago …”

 So we journey into Dale's story, the 16 year old boy stolen from his life, his future, his family, by a wandering vampire. Dragged around, unsure and untrained to his new life, Dale finally ends up in Charleston S.C. alone and wishing for death. There he meets Charlotte Ann, Katelyn and James. Feeling his pain, they take him in and educate him and give him a new life.

Used to burying himself underground during the day light hours, and committing murders everywhere, can Dale's dark side be retrained? Can he adjust to love and friendship and find new meaning to the word family? Will Dale learn to live the life of an immortal among human life?

At times, this is such a sad story of a teenager with so many plans stolen from his life by a lost and selfish vampire. Then the sweet part of the story came for him to find happiness among a group who welcome him with open arms.

This is a standalone but well explained, an excellent addition to the “Master of Whitehall” series. It's the story of growth as Dale's life stopped mentally at the age of sixteen, but then picked up many years later. So now he must catch up to where he should be now. Will he finally find the love and happiness he was seeking all along? Dale's story of his journey into darkness is also one of a journey into the light.

Charlotte Ann brings him into her fold and shows him the kindness and love he's been missing since the day he was turned. He learns what it means to be an immortal rather than just the human term of vampire. Whitehall, the home of James and Katelyn, but is open always to the others in the group is where they learn to be who they are and how to survive.

This is called a “paranormal young adult vampire series” but I always hesitate to put labels on books like this. Sometimes that will cause someone to say, “I don't read that genre”. This story is written current with the times and with overtones of history in which you are taken on a journey through the lives of these vampires, and is to be enjoyed by anyone. With elegant writing and both male and female characters so well developed. It catches your attention and your heart and makes you want to know more. Set in a beautiful area, with writing so descriptive it makes you feel like you have been there, or will remind you of it if you have. This left me still wishing vampires were real, as did the first two books in the series. I love this series!

A Must Read for Vampire Lovers
Reviewer: Young Adult and Teen Readers

This is not your typical vampire book, it's not chock full of violence and gore. Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be a vampire? Not just the obvious immortality, but the everyday life? This is Dale's tale. Dale was turned against his will and left to the devices of a depressed and evil maker. Told he was confined to the night and basically only a killing machine, Dale hates his existence. When Dale meets The Master of Whitehall and his family of vampires, he learns that he was lied to all along; he doesn't have to be a killer to survive. Learning that everything he thought about himself was wrong is oh so right for Dale. He finds hope with his new family and something he never expected, love. This story is great, you got to know the other characters in previous books, and they are all back in this one. I love how this story is just about what it feels like, the changes, the everyday, the emotional toll, just the ins and outs of a vampire's life. The characters relate very well to one another and the story is unique and holds your attention. This is a must read for vampire lovers. It has some violence and sexual situations, but the author doesn't rely on those to carry the book, he has really developed the story itself and you will be absorbed in it right away. Five star fantastic!

Nobody Writes Immortal Creatures Like this Author
Reviewer: Linda Fulton

This author has an awesome command of the English language. He pulls emotions out of you while you’re reading. The result is an empathy with the characters that makes you think you know them and you definitely care what happens to them.
Very well done and very well written book. Characters and supporting cast are wonderfully written with nuances and each character is well defined.
Plot is very nice. Some of the story is Dale recounting how he came to be this way but it reads very well. I fell a little in love with Dale and I rejoiced with him when he realized he had finally found a home and people who cared about him. I felt the loneliness and horror of his early years and his relief when he was found by people who cared.
I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, except that it is a wonderful story. Nobody writes immortal creatures like Rick Veal. I felt hopeful and teary eyed in a good way after reading this excellent book.
I give it a full five stars and recommend it to readers of vampire and supernatural stories.

The Perfect Combination of Emotion, Love and Action
Reviewer: Mom of 2 Book Reviews

Rick Veal has done it again!  You will not want to miss out on the third installment of The Master of Whitehall series.  Follow along as we learn about Dale and his heart-wrenching journey to become the immortal that we know and love from The Master of Whitehall and Lexi’s Legacy.
Dale’s story has the perfect combination of emotion, love and action.  We always knew a little about how Dale came to be, but this book gives you the whole back story.  Have your tissues ready, because it is a tear jerker.  This book follows along with the timeline of the first two books, but it gives you a whole different perspective.  I for one cannot wait to see what Veal does next with this story.  It’s definitely not your typical vampire series, and I have loved each installment even more than the previous ones. What are you waiting for?  Do yourself a favor and read this book!

In Love with Dale!
Reviewer: Weet Weet’s Bookshelf Reviews

 Dale, Dale, Dale … This poor boy. I was heartbroken when I read about him in The Master of Whitehall. He has easily become one of my favorite characters. Being changed against his will at sixteen and kidnapped before being left alone to roam around lost and confused. The things that man had him doing. Sleeping in graves... really? I love Dale to pieces and loved reading his story. I was drawn in from the beginning eager to learn about the lost boy who finds his way. He is so mature regardless of his age because of the experiences he went through. I loved that Charlotte Ann took him under her wing but not only as his teacher but lover too. Dale deserves the HEA. There is so much emotion and love. A book I couldn't put down.

A Fantastic Vampire Story!
Reviewer: Book Reviews by Lynn

This is the third story in the Master of Whitehall series. I really enjoyed it! Dale is a very likable character. He is a thirty-five year old vampire in a sixteen year olds body. I liked him a lot. He has not had an easy life, and when he meets Charlotte Ann, James and Katelyn, he was depressed and lonely. This is his story.
I have been looking forward to reading Dale's story, as I found his character to be most intriguing. I really felt for this character, because his life had been irrevocably changed by a selfish vampire who wanted a companion. The story ventures into Dale's past and gives the reader a better understanding of this young man. I liked him when I met him in the first book, but fell in love with him in this one. He is quite charming, but can be extremely deadly to his prey. Charlotte Ann has a calming influence on him, and gives him a sense of love and security. She is a patient teacher and lover; Dale blossoms under her tutelage. James and Katelyn, and later Lexi, gives him a sense of family.
I actually enjoyed this story more than the previous two. Perhaps it's because the author is more at ease writing from the male point of view, rather than the female one. There is no gushing dialogue, which made this book a pleasure to read. In fact, I think the story flowed better because of the more straight forward dialogue. Dale may look like a teenager, but he has a maturity about him, not only because of his age, but because of his experiences. There are a few twists in the story, and a surprise (which I kind of guessed at before it happened), but this just kept me hooked from beginning to end. The story ended on a happy note, which left me feeling pleased for Dale, as he deserved a little happiness.
Rick Veal has written an intriguing series of love, friendship and emotional growth. His characters are lifelike and likable. His writing style has improved a lot. The flow of the story was much better, and this kept me turning the pages. I do not know if there will be any more books in this series, but even if there are not, I would definitely read more of this author’s work in the future.
There are some scenes of a sensual nature that are a little on the hot side (although not as explicit as some books I have read), so I do not recommend this book for younger readers. I do, however, recommend this book (and series) if you love paranormal romances with sexy vampires or immortal beings. - Lynn Worton

Expect the Unexpected with Dale’s Story …
Reviewer: Little Red’s Book Reviews

Dale’s Descent is a fascinating story of a lost boy who finds his way. Dale speaks to you, the reader, drawing you into his tale of sorrow and unbelief. He leads you on a journey from innocent childhood to a mature and strong immortal. Dale’s story is anything but a typical vampire story. After a life of hardship and heartache, filled with sadness, Dale’s story comes together with a completely unforeseen and unexpected event. Dale’s Descent is a classic love story in which the characters just happen to be vampires. An absolute ‘must read’ for anyone who loves a good romance.

Another Wonderful Addition to a Wonderful Series
Reviewer: Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Dale Krause was an ordinary teenager growing up in a mining town in Pennsylvania when his life was changed on his sixteenth birthday. After celebrating with friends and kissing his girlfriend Becky goodnight Dale headed home, only he never made it. He was assaulted by a man and woke up in a dark warehouse unaware of the fact that he had just been turned into a vampire.
Charles, his kidnapper and maker changed Dale for one purpose and one purpose only, he was lonely and wanted a companion and Dale was it. Now Dale will look like a sixteen year old for eternity. Every night Dale and his maker dig a shallow grave and lay in it until the sun rises and every night they go out to feed and kill. This is the existence Dale has led for twenty-five years and over time his hatred for Charles grew to the point where he refused to speak to him and Charles found himself once again without companionship. Dale was taught very little about how to be a vampire other than digging a shallow grave to keep out of the sun, killing when he fed and that sex was no longer possible since he was dead. Poor Dale he was turned at sixteen and was a virgin and that will be his existence forever.
Charles grew to the point where the only way out for him was to end it all and that was the last lesson he taught Dale when he rushed into a burning building and ceased to exist. Now Dale is alone laying in a grave by day and killing by night until he has come to the point where he wants it all to end. Remembering that Charles told him to stay away from Charleston S.C. because there were those who would destroy him he decides that is the perfect place for him to go and have someone else end him since he doesn't have the courage to do it himself.
It is in Charleston that Dale meets James, his mate Katelyn and Charlotte Ann. They embrace him as one of the family and begin to teach him what immortal life is really like. You can walk in the sun, have sex – something Charlotte Ann is only too happy to teach him – and he doesn't need to sleep. Little by little we watch as Dale embraces his new life and pulls himself from the darkness he had been existing in. The only thing he misses is having a mate, someone to love him and be with him during the never ending immortal life he will live. Then along comes someone like him that will once again be the answer to all his desires.
This is the third book in the series and this is a series that should be read in order. We meet up once again with all the characters from the last book including Lexi. Although the heart of the book was about Dale and his life before and after being turned a lot of the story is a repeat of what happened in book two. I enjoyed this story and loved how Dale grew, if not outwardly then inwardly. As vampire books go this one is way more gentle even though there is some violence it is tame compared to most.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance, vampires and great characters with big hearts in spite of what they are.

A Selection of Full Length Reader Reviews

Some Editorial Comments From Our Readers and Reviewers

Story of a Lost Boy
Reviewer: Darlene Johnson Gross (Amazon Reader/Reviewer)

I couldn't wait to get started reading Dale's story as I've been waiting for it! I knew what I was in for as I've read "Master Whitehall" and "Lexi's Legacy" and I knew that the author wouldn't let me down.
I must tell you this, if you haven't read “Master of Whitehall” and “Lexi's Legacy”, you need to put this one down and read them first! Because if you don't, then you won't know what is going on, because this book does not stand on its own.
Dale is turned on his sixteenth birthday by someone that doesn't know the true immortal ways. He is taught the wrong way to do things and has to follow his maker, never having a life of his own. One evening his maker walks into a fire and leaves Dale all alone and Dale doesn't know what to do. You'll cry with him as you read his story and you'll laugh as he becomes the immortal he's supposed to be.