Charlotte Ann's Coven: The Beginning

I stood there until the river reached its flood tide and then began its slow ebb back to the sea. The harsh reality that my father wouldn’t return again today settled heavily over me. My heart was once again broken and the tears that filled my eyes spilled over and flowed unchecked down my cheeks. I fought with everything in me against the brutal truth that was pressing its way, little by little, day by day, into my heart and soul… and I was losing the battle. I shivered again as another chill passed through me… this time it was a chill of fear… and truth claimed yet another small piece of my soul. Finally, with one last despondent but still hopeful look down the river, I turned in defeat, and sobbing pitifully, began the dismal walk toward our carriage and home. The rain had drenched my dress and bonnet and my skirts were sopping up mud from the dock as I walked. My waterlogged clothes were now sticking tightly to my small body as I trudged back toward the end of the pier. My hair had fallen down and was clinging, sopping wet, to my face and shoulders in a sodden tangle. I felt hopelessly bedraggled and I’m sure I looked like a drowned rat.

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The Master of Whitehall: Katelyn's Chronicles

When I had passed through the gates and continued up the drive the first thing I saw was a long double line of imposingly gigantic, old live oaks surrounded by a carpet of lush green grass. These easily had to be the biggest trees I had ever seen. They lined each side of the lane, meeting and melting together at the top. I didn’t know much about them but I did know that these trees had to be a couple of hundred years old. Their black bark looked thick and rough; their roots had grown up out of the ground surrounding each one like a protective barrier. The roots, lower trunks, and large sweeping limbs were partially covered in a thick carpet of green tree moss. The limbs were so thick and gnarled; many of the heavy elbows and upper limbs were dripping with gray Spanish moss. Some of the massive lower limbs had actually bowed with age and almost touched the grass on the outer sides of the drive. The huge upper limbs almost completely blocked the daylight; the small amount of sunlight that did filter through was quickly absorbed by the dense black bark of the trees. The drive looked like it stayed in a perpetual state of twilight, only here and there did a sunbeam actually break through all the way to the ground. And there appeared to be no end to them as they curved away out of sight. I had the strangest feeling again of being a princess … only this time I was looking into the dark, enchanted forest.

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Lexi's Legacy: The Epic Saga Continues

Charlotte Ann, Katelyn, and I all three crouched quietly in the shadows on top of an old warehouse in the center of the Port Authority not far from the old French Quarter. A light breeze was gently blowing in across the waterfront from the ocean. The full moon, a deep yellow, beginning to fade to white, had just risen out of the sea and was throwing a long path of light across the dark harbor. My new and much more responsive senses were all on full alert. I very slightly raised my nose to the breeze, curious as to what it carried on it. I could smell the salt air but also the other distinct smells of the waterfront … fuel oil, dead fish, the wet ropes and nets, stale beer mixed with old urine and vomit … and it all combined to make a unique fragrance in the air … one that was very pungent to my new sense of smell.I quickly noticed that even combined together, I could pick out each individual smell and which direction it was coming from. I smiled silently to myself as I realized that even over all the harsh smells of the waterfront … I could smell humans … the workers … or more likely it was their blood that I smelled. It was my first scent of humans and I breathed it in, enjoying it, feeling the pull of it on me. The flaming hot thirst leaped up in me and the blood lust rose up from the center of my being. They smelled so much more satisfying than a deer.

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James' Journey: The Interlude

Early the following morning, I looked for the last time upon my dear Mary Beth. I covered her face and little Mary with a spotless white linen shroud. Then taking a step back and standing quietly by, watched sorrowfully as the estate carpenter securely nailed the lid onto the simple wooden coffin he had built. I watched as four of the strong field workers slowly lowered the box into the earth. They began to shovel the dirt, as carefully and respectfully as they could, back into the grave. I cringed inwardly as, in spite of their efforts, each shovelful made a resounding hollow thud as it hit the top of the coffin lid. Finally, unable to restrain my heartache any further, I silently cried, the tears running unhindered down my face. I spent the remainder of the day, staring at the freshly filled grave, sometimes praying for my wife and child, other times weeping and sobbing uncontrollably. I easily recognized, accepted and welcomed the burden of grief as it settled close around me, becoming my new constant companion.

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Dale's Descent: A Journey Into Darkness

I scrambled away from him, stumbling further into the dark woods. I fell on the ground, my face turned toward it as once more the pain and guilt of what I had just done ripped through me. I pushed myself up with my arms, snubbing as I felt the tears began to well up in my eyes again. I watched as one by one my tears, now filled with blood, the blood of that helpless and innocent young girl began to drip to the ground in front of me, pooling where they fell. My fingers began to curl into the dirt, clutching, tearing and pulling at it, digging into it, deeper and quicker. I realized that I was quickly able to open a spot for myself … that with just my hands I was able to tear a hole in the earth as easily as tearing a rag in two. I kept digging … scratching at the earth … I wanted to get away … to hide myself from the awful truth of what I was … and what I had done. I wanted something that would match the depth and darkness of the abyss that now filled my body.When I had burrowed out a hole large enough for myself I rolled into the dark earth and began pulling the dirt back in on top of me.

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