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The Characters of Whitehall Manor

Name: Dale Henry Krause
Hometown: Renton Junction, Pennsylvania
Born to First Life: September 22, 1962, Renton Junction, Penn.
Born to Second Life: September 22, 1978, Renton Junction, Penn.
Turned by: Charles (A Rouge Vampire)
Height: 5’ 6”
Hair Color: Brownish Blond
Eye Color: Light Brown
Immortal Scent: Cinnamon and Cloves
Perpetual Age: 16

Physical Description:

Lexi is the quintessential ‘Girl Next Door’ in every manner, being wholesome and happy with a bright cheerful smile. She is vibrant and full of energy, with a cheerful personality and sweet disposition that is reflected in her perky smile. She is tiny, almost elfish at five feet two inches tall and, weighing only ninety-five pounds. She remains almost childish in appearance at first glance. Since a young age she has maintained a good physical condition by working out twice weekly at the gym. Her voice, while incredibly soft, is as tiny as she is, and when she talks it has a musical ring like a tinkling wind chime. Her eyes are doe brown and look soft, easily reflecting her smile, and sparkling with happiness when she laughs. Her hair, dark blonde with thick and lustrous natural highlights that she worein a short razor cut while in college, is now just touching

Physical Description:
James retains a certain aloofness from his aristocratic past, still he presents himself in a very gentlemanly manner. He is a large man with broad shoulders and he has been described as having a body of absolute beauty. He is tall at six feet, two inches and carries his two hundred twenty-five pounds ideally. His chest and stomach are sculpted with firm, tight muscles, while his arms and legs show the strength of a seasoned rider who controlled many horses during his human life. He was twenty-eight when he became immortal, but he appears to be several years younger.His is classically handsome, his face is refined with delicate features and perfectly formed with high cheekbones and solidly squared jaws drawing to a point at his chin. His cheeks are smooth with no discernible beard shadow.

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Name: Agalia (Gale)
Hometown: Rome, Italy
Born to First Life:  c. 390 AD, Britannia
Born to Second Life: 410 AD, Rome, Italy
Turned by: Caelius, rescuer and first lover
Height: 5’ 6”
Hair Color: Bright Flame Red
Eye Color: Grass Green
Immortal Scent: Ginger and Vanilla
Perpetual Age: 19

Physical Description:

Charlotte Ann is very diminutive by modern standards being only five feet tall and weighing ninety pounds, but during her lifetime as a mortal she was about the average size of a fully adult woman. She has a small and delicate build but at the same time is very pretty, and with the allure of the immortal added in, is breathtakingly beautiful with finely formed feminine features. She has a splash of very light freckles across her nose and upper cheeks and due to her size, easily passes for an older teen or a young college student. Her hair is a dark russet brown with the subtle hint of a curl that frames her face with an enticing beauty of its own, and hangs just past her shoulders.Her eyes are bedroom eyes, light brown, with long “baby doll” lashes and her smile is playfully mischievous

style conscious and stays abreast of the latest runway offerings. While she doesn’t dress lavishly she does present a youthful, but wealthy look. The main attribute of her draw is a beautiful smile, which she flashes often when talking, combined with a soft laugh that draws the listener in to her.

Special Abilities:
Gale is one of the few Ancients, having lived at this point for nearly two millennia. In the immortal world, powers and abilities increase with age. As a result Gale has unlimited use of any and all of the powers of the supernatural world. She has developed and perfected the use of them over her long life. By virtue of being an Ancient, she also has the power to pass a sentence of elimination on any outlaw or rogue immortal, shifter, seer, or caster, although she has never used that particular power. In addition, Gale is known as a Healer in the immortal world. She considers it her duty to bring healing to young immortals that may have either brought deep hurts over when they turned or have suffered a wound after they have turned. She heals by exchanging blood, her ancient for their new, with whoever needs it. She will not withhold it from any immortal that needs it. While there are probably others, there are only two known immortals, Charlotte Ann and Lexi, with whom she has done this. As an ancient, Gale no longer passes the Gift of Life to a mortal. Her ageless blood would be entirely too potent for a mortal to survive the transition were she to do so.

Gale owns a vintage storefront in the historic district of Savannah. She has had the entire upstairs portion remodeled into an expansive loft apartment that covers almost three thousand square feet. She operates the lower level of the building as an upscale antique shop with a worldwide clientele. She is of course an expert in antiques and her loft could actually be ranked as a world class museum. She enjoys decorating her living area with antiques from all periods and will purchase whatever she decides she likes for use in her home. Then, when she grows tired of looking at a certain piece will send it down to the shop to sell. The shop itself is managed by Sarah, a member of her coven. She has gained a vast knowledge of antiques from Gale and travels the world seeking out new and different pieces for both the shop and the loft.

Gale was born in Britannia around the year 390 AD. Her father was an officer in the Roman Legion. Her mother was a Celtic slave, probably an orphan, purchased by her father to maintain his living quarters and prepare his meals. Her father loved her very deeply and so when his garrison time in Britannia came to an end, rather than have her sold as her mother had been, he carried Gale with him when he returned to Rome. She was a small child when they went back to Rome and has no memories of her mother. Nothing more is said or known of her mother except that her father often told her that she had the look of her mother. He told her that her red hair, green eyes and pale white skin brought back beautiful memories of her and their shared love. Gale was granted Roman Citizenship, by Emperor Honorius because of her father’s social status. The title of Roman Citizen was coveted by all non-citizens which granted many benefits, one of which was being exempt from the death penalty. Gale grew up in Rome, until 410 A.D. when the great city was sacked by the Goths and Visigoths. After she had been repeatedly raped and abused by the invaders, she was left for dead, where she was found and rescued by Caelius. He nursed her back to health, and then gave her ‘The Gift of Life’ making her one of only a handful of immortals at that time. Gale is now known as one of ‘The Ancients’ because of having lived across nearly two millennia. She moved to America in the middle of the nineteenth century and stayed at Whitehall where she remained as a guest while deciding where she wished to live. She finally settled in Savannah, Georgia in the mid 1860’s. Since that time, due to her age, she has ruled without question the supernatural world in and around Savannah.

Artwork and description © 2013, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,

maternal side. Her body is toned and taunt due in part from studying dance and being a cheerleader for most of her mortal life. Although she is the modern personification of perfect beauty, Katelyn knows that her beauty is temporal and passing, so does not allow it to rule her life. When she becomes an immortal, the outward changes are all small but when added together, they create an indescribable physical beauty that is so enhanced as to be nearly breathtaking. Her preternatural beauty, frightening in its perfection, is now a part of her draw, the instrument by which she summons her prey. Her hair is fuller and thicker with the look of a lion’s mane, but when she walks, it’s lighter, moves more easily, and billows softly in the breeze like the hood of a cobra. Her eyes are still the same electric blue, but now they hold a penetrating gaze and have an intense sparkle when they catch and reflect the light, tempting her prey to come closer. Her fangs are tiny only having to penetrate deep enough to puncture and open the main artery in the neck of her prey. But, like two precision surgical instruments, they are extremely sharp, extending and visible only when she feeds. Her skin is cool and soft to the touch, due to her much slower heartbeat, but it is satiny smooth and completely flawless. While she no longer has the depth of tan she had as a human, neither is she pale or chalky, instead she looks like someone who spends most of their life inside out of the sun. When she feeds, her skin develops a healthy glow, very nearly the same natural tan she had as a human. Physically, everything about her combines together, making her the perfect bait for the hunt.

Katelyn was born and raised in Marietta Georgia, a large suburb of Atlanta. She was the only child of her parents, Melissa and Michael Corbin. She was named for her mother and maternal grandmother, Melissa, and her paternal grandmother, Katelyn.
Her parents were considered upper middle class … they were not overly wealthy but did not lack for anything they wanted. They owned and worked in an independent neighborhood grocery store that was inherited from her father’s parents and were on the verge of selling out to a large national grocery chain when the store was robbed and they were murdered in April, 2012.
Katelyn lived a typical childhood and early adult life. She attended and graduated from Marietta High School where she was well known, outgoing and extremely popular with her peers. In addition to being a cheerleader, she was incredibly intelligent, bordering on genius. She maintained a nearly straight A average throughout school. As a result of her hard work she became a member of the National Honor Society and Beta Club for the entire four years she was in high school. At the time of her parent’s death, she was attending The Art Institute of Atlanta working toward a degree in art and had aspirations of becoming an elementary art teacher. After her parents were murdered, she was forced to relocate to Summerville, South Carolina to live with her only remaining family, her mother’s twin sister Michelle and her husband John. She planned to complete school in nearby Charleston and find a job teaching in a local elementary school. She met James on her first day of school, fell in love with him soon thereafter, and ultimately altered her life forever.

Special Abilities:
Katelyn as a human possessed a very strong telepathic gift, although she didn’t know it until James revealed it to her after she learned of his true nature. She quickly learned how to use her talent to communicate with James and, after she turned, the other immortals of her family. She is able to so strongly enthrall a human that they are completely and totally helpless in her grip. Though not actually able to read their thoughts, she can search through their mind and pluck whatever information she wants from them such as their name, age, and other personal information. Katelyn is a highly talented actress, the result of acting classes while still a human as part of her arts education. She often enjoys acting and role playing with her prey before killing them. As an immortal she has gained incredible strength and one of her favorite displays of it, one that is sure to frighten, is to wrap her hand around a victim’s throat and lift them off their feet into the air.

Katelyn is a dancer and she is extremely good at it. She began dance lessons when she was three years old and continued them until she began college. It was her dancing ability that led her into cheerleading, first in middle school and continuing until she graduated high school. When she goes out she is able to hold her own with the best and can dance the full range from slow and sensuous to fast and dirty. While still a human she used the fast and dirty dances as a fun but strenuous full body workout. After she became an immortal, she uses slow, sensuous dances as an opportunity to feed from her partners. Her favorite ‘date night’ is going to a club with James where they both dance and feed until dawn.

Artwork and description © 2012, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,

Physical Description:

Gale is a stunningly beautiful redhead with sparkling bright green eyes. The genes of her Celt heritage vastly overshadow those of her Roman linage. However, in her physical make-up her Roman linage is very evident. She stands just at five and a half feet in height and is perfectly proportioned at one hundred fifteen pounds. While she was mortal she had the pale skin tone of the Celts and a band of freckles splashed across her nose and the tops of her cheeks. When she became immortal, she retained the pale coloring and freckles, only now more pronounced.Gale was nineteen years old when she was turned so in the modern world she dresses and passes for a first year college student.While she can, and has, dressed as a high school teen she doesn’t especially care to do so. She is very

Name: Courtney Alexis (Lexi) Gordon
Born to First Life: January 28, 1991, Savannah, Georgia
Born to Second Life: February 14, 2013, Charleston, S. Carolina

Turned by: Katelyn, but only to save her life

Height: 5’ 2”
Hair Color: Dark Blond with light blond highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Immortal Scent: Rose Petals and Bath Powder
Perpetual Age: 22

the tops of her shoulders. Lexi, like most young girls her age has an eclectic taste in dress. She is most comfortable in jeans and a simple shirt, but can dress stunningly for an evening out if the occasion calls for it. When she was diagnosed with cancer and chose to accept the gift of life from Katelyn becoming an immortal, she changed very little appearance wise. But physically she took all that immortality had to offer. She became incredibly strong and able to take care of herself in any situation.  Her eyes retained their human brown, but sometimes now will appear gold or auburn if they happen to catch the light and reflect it. If the light is just right they may even have a little sparkle to them. Since becoming an immortal she has grown to greatly appreciate both her diminutive size and appearance having learned how to use her physical assets to a huge advantage when she hunts, presenting the perfect bait to her intended prey.

Special Abilities:
While Lexi remained a mortal she had no supernatural gifts at all, she wasn’t even sensitive to a supernatural world around her. However, when she made the transition to immortality she inherited several gifts and quickly developed others. Her first discovery, much to her amazement, was that she could communicate telepathically with both Katelyn and James. She rapidly expanded her cache of useful powers including the ability to travel, using a form of teleportation, over great distances. She can also shield herself from sight, walking right up to her prey if she so chooses. But the most important gift she received was the endowment to read someone else’s thoughts and mind, mortal or immortal. This was a gift so rare in a newborn that even James was taken aback by its manifestation. Lexi is an extremely dangerous predator when she is on the hunt and this single gift has proven to be an exceptionally useful bit of good fortune when she is closing in on her prey. When her victim looks at her, she has the remarkable ability, combined with being able to read their thoughts, of presenting to them the most beautiful, most desirable woman they have ever dreamed of as she draws them in to her. The most advantageous thing about her size and youthful look is that she can dress any way she chooses. She has learned how to make herself appear to be anything she wants, be it a shy little school girl, a full grown young lady with a charming and seductive look, or anything in between. She can and often does, give the impression of being a preppy teen or a college co-ed. The look she chooses all determines on the type of prey she is looking for at the time, although typically she usually just looks like any young adult or college student, wearing just jeans and a simple shirt.

Lexi was sheltered as a child and as a result was shy and timid. She wasn’t as outgoing as others her age and so didn’t make many friends. Instead she turned inward and developed her imagination through reading. She is very intelligent and was reading on a third year college level by the time she was in sixth grade. Lexi’s taste in music runs toward the Oldies and some early Mo Town. Early on she became a good dancer having taught herself in the privacy of her room listening to her favorite music. Her one foray out into the world came when one of her few friends talked her into trying out for the cheerleading squad her first year of high school. She had a good showing in the tryouts, but even with her nimbleness as a dancer, she was just too small for the cheering squad. She smiled and returned to her books and imaginary travels. Her love of books and reading was the one human enjoyment that she brought over into immortality with her. She enjoys getting lost in a stack of books and declared herself to be in heaven when she discovered the extensive library at Whitehall.

Lexi was born and raised in Savannah Georgia, to a working class family. She is the only child of her parents, Bill and Kathy Gordon. They had tried unsuccessfully to have children until finally, late in their lives, Lexi was born. The happy parents named their daughter for her maternal grandmother, Alexis, and her paternal grandmother, Courtney. But having tried unsuccessfully for so long to have a baby their instinct was to shelter and protect her as much as they could, doting on her from the time she was born. Her parents were both raised in Savannah when it was still considered a small town and had been childhood sweethearts, getting married right out of high school. They were very traditional, somewhere between ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and ‘The Brady Bunch’. Her dad was a career man, an accountant in a firm that he had begun working at while he was still in high school, and over the years had worked his way into an executive position. Her mom was a stay at home mom, managing the house and raising Lexi. They were considered middle class and though not wealthy by any means, still did not lack for anything they wanted. They worked and sacrificed to pay for Lexi’s college in order to give her a better life than they had. Lexi grew up being a ‘Daddy’s Girl’, always staying close to him. As far as she was concerned, he had hung the sun and the moon! Her mom called her ‘little pixie’ and her dad called her ‘lil bit’. But she knew that if either of them ever called her Courtney Alexis Gordon, she was in real trouble and should quickly find a circus, join it and leave home! Lexi was, in her words, a late bloomer, always being small throughout her childhood. In fact, for most of her life she looked like a little girl. When she began high school, much to her embarrassment, especially in gym class where she had to take showers with other girls her age, she was still able to pass for a twelve year old. Finally, during the summer between her junior and senior year of high school she began to grow, quickly adding six inches and twenty pounds, to reach her adult size. She recalls being thrilled to finally be able to touch the floor with more than just her toes while sitting at the lunch table. Although having lived a sheltered, bookish life, when it came time for college, her self-study paid off, Lexi had her choice of any of the Ivy League schools anywhere. Finally, just before she graduated high school and having to make a decision, she chose the College of Charleston because it was only a couple of hours away from home. Due to the turn of events in her life, that single selection proved to be a very providential pick. Her college years were much like the rest of her life until the beginning of her senior year. That’s when she met her new roommate, Katelyn. They turned out to be perfectly matched … one was an innocent, insecure, sheltered little smart girl from Savannah that no one really noticed … and the other was a confident, popular, pretty girl from Atlanta that everybody noticed. The two of them soon developed a friendship that quickly grew from roommate and friend to an almost sisterly depth of love for each other. They quickly found that when they were together they could be as grown-up or as childish as they wanted to be.

Artwork and description © 2012, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,

Physical Description:
Dale looks like a typical young teenager. When he was turned, he was on the verge of becoming a handsome young man yet still young enough to retain the girlish looks of a child. He has been described as ‘pretty’ which gives him a distinct advantage now. He is average height at 5 feet 6 inches, but still had not attained his full adult height when he was turned. He is very slender at 110 pounds, but due to his work as a human, he was very strong, even more so as an immortal. His hair is brownish blond, thick, curly and about neck length. He has a very pretty smile that lights up his eyes and gives him just a hint of mischievous playfulness.

Name: Charlotte Ann Erickson
Hometown: London, England
Born to First Life: 1606, London
Born to Second Life: 1628, Cambridge, England
Turned by: Ferdinand, her lover
Height: 5’ 0”
Hair Color: Dark Russet Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Immortal Scent: Lavender and Lilac
Perpetual Age: 22

His eyes are emerald green and very alluring with a light immortal glimmer. His nose is flawlessly suited to his face, not too Romanesque or too tightly pinched, and his lips just barely turn up into a smile and look soft and very kissable. His hair is dark brown, long, and very thick with a light curl to it. It rests just on the top of his shoulders and he often wears it tied back with a black ribbon at the nape of his neck. Although he presents an aristocratic air, he does have a little playfulness in him and a quick sense of humor. Even so, he is usually serious, never straying far from his aristocratic roots. He is a good man and kind to those he cares about, however to anyone else he could care less. When it comes to Katelyn, his mate, he is very much in love and completely devoted to her. In his life as an immortal, James is contented and happy, he is what he is, accepted it long ago and takes full advantage of everything the immortal life has to offer.

James was born in 1725 at Whitehall Manor, just outside Charles Towne in the Carolina Colony. He grew up there, learning to be a planter like his father and grandfather. Whitehall had been founded in the 1680 by his grandfather. His father and grandfather had been very successful at planting and had accumulated a great amount of wealth. The Dubois family was one of the wealthiest in the colonies. James’ mother died when he was only a child, leaving him to be taught by his father and grandfather. He was raised by them to be an aristocratic gentleman, having private tutors and receiving the best education and training of his time that money could buy. They also saw that he had a nanny to be a mother figure and help raise him until he became a young man. His primary education was very thorough and he became proficient in math and writing. His geography skills were without compare. He studied all the masters of literature, learning the plays and poetry that had formed the basis of western civilization. When the opportunities presented themselves, he attended opera’s, which planted in him the seed of a deep appreciation of music of all types. He became fluent in French, German, Latin, some Spanish, and of course his native English. After the completion of his primary education he began attending Harvard where he would polish and complete his education. While he was away at Harvard, his grandfather died. Then upon the completion of Harvard at age twenty, he returned to Whitehall to become the aristocrat his father and grandfather had dreamed of him being. Soon after completing college and returning home he met and married Mary Elizabeth Johnson. He and his Mary Beth soon had one child, a son. Unfortunately, she died giving birth to a daughter. Her death and that of his daughter crushed James’ life and hopes for the future. He mourned for over four years, finally being forced by his father, in the spring of 1753, to go to England and study at Cambridge to get over his sadness. While in Cambridge, James met and was wooed by Charlotte Ann.

Special Abilities:
James is a very powerful immortal having inherited many of his gifts from Charlotte Ann his maker. He is able to control the minds of humans to the point that he can implant thoughts and commands that they will blindly follow through on and carry out. He has the gift of telekinesis and is able to open and close doors, windows, or anything else he wishes to move about. He can start a fire using only his thoughts, but an even more dangerous talent is that he can call fire to his hand, form a ball of flame and toss or throw it wherever he wishes. He has unprecedented use of telepathy and can communicate with any immortal he happens across. He is able to travel great distances using a form of teleportation. Through the use of a shield, he can stalk his prey and at the right moment, seem to appear out of thin air. He doesn’t play with his prey, he strikes fast and hard, killing quickly before moving on. Many times his prey never sees him or knows he is anywhere close around.

James’ great interest is his mate, Katelyn. He waited almost two hundred sixty years for her to come into his life and he loves her more deeply than life itself, often doting on her. He will do anything, go anywhere, or give her anything that she wishes. His greatest joy comes from seeing her happy.

Artwork and description © 2012, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,

Special Abilities:
Dale had no idea of any powers or special abilities when he came to Charleston due to having never been shown or taught by his maker. Since arriving in Charleston though he has discovered that he can do much more than he ever thought possible. The first gift he learned was how to communicate telepathically. Afterward,  it didn’t take him long, with Charlotte Ann’s guidance, to learn to teleport over short distances, increasing the distance as he practiced. He is gifted with two very unusual mental abilities. The first and most impressive is the gift of languages – after only a few minutes of being exposed to any language, he is able to fluently speak it. The other is that he ‘hear’ another person’s thoughts, but they must be touching him for him to do so.

Dale was a typical teen growing up in the mining communities of the Allegany’s and like any teenage boy he enjoyed fishing and hunting. His father taught him how to fish when he was child. He received his first rifle, a .22 caliber, for his tenth birthday, and began to learn to hunt from then. He first began to supplement the family’s meat supply with rabbits, squirrels, and other small game from the local woods and graduated up to take his first deer, a large buck, when he was thirteen. His favorite hunting story was how he had shot and killed a wild boar when he was fifteen using the German rifle his grandfather had captured in World War Two.

Dale was born to a poor coal mining family in 1962 in Renton Junction, Pennsylvania. His father, Henry, was a miner in the local coal mines. His mother, June, kept the house, had children and raised them. Dale’s parents were only fifteen when they married and his father had already been working for over a year in mines. Dale was the youngest of three children, having two sisters and, since he looked more like his mother than his father, he was often called ‘Momma’s Pretty Boy’. He grew up attending school and planning on following his father’s footsteps of marrying, having children and working in the local mines. Dale fell in love with Becky Pittman, a girl he had grown up playing with, when he was fourteen. She was his life and they had planned to marry but intended to wait until they finished high school first. Dale had spent the evening with Becky and their friends celebrating his sixteenth birthday the night he was attacked and taken.He was illegally kidnapped and turned by a rogue vampire named Charles, and was then never actually taught about his new life. When Charles destroyed himself, Dale was left to wander, lost and all alone. When he was discovered by Charlotte Ann he was seeking to destroy himself rather than continue his lonely existence.

Artwork and description © 2013, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,

Physical Description:
Katelyn as a human is very modelsque, tall and slim with long arms, legs and torso. She is an inch shy of six feet and weighs a perfect one hundred twenty-five pounds. Her features are symmetrically perfect and she is stunningly beautiful with penetrating electric blue eyes. Her hair is dark brown, thick and full, framing her face, covering her shoulders, and hanging half way down her back in picture-perfect waves. She has a slightly crooked smile that reveals naturally perfect, white teeth. But for all of her beauty her smile is shy and she blushes easily, giving her just a touch of mystery, making her eye-catching and dazzling good looks all the more enticing. Her skin is smooth and clear with a year round natural medium tan resulting from the Cherokee blood of her

Name: Katelyn Melissa Corbin
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Born to First Life: August 7, 1991, Marietta, Georgia
Born to Second Life: July 20, 2012, Charleston, South Carolina
Turned by: James Thomas Dubois (Her lover and mate)
Height: 5’11”
Hair Color: Dark Brunette
Eye Color: Electric Blue
Immortal Scent: Gardenia and Magnolia
Perpetual Age: 21

Name: James Thomas Dubois
Hometown: Charles Towne, Carolina Colony
Born to First Life: 1725, Whitehall Manor
Born to Second Life: 1753, Cambridge, England
Turned by: Charlotte Ann, his lover
Height: 6’ 2”
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Immortal Scent: Sandalwood and Sage
Perpetual Age: 28

with perfectly straight, white teeth that enhance her youthful appearance. She is over four hundred years old but has adapted through the years and is very modern believing, as she always has, in living her life to the fullest, being who she is and not caring what others think of her. She has a very quick and sharp sense of humor. In addition to her native English, she also speaks French, German, Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch as good as any native speaker.

Special Abilities:
While Charlotte Ann is not an ‘Ancient’ herself, she does have pure undiluted ancient blood in her that gives her access to, and use of, an unlimited range of gifts and powers of the supernatural world, including the power of elimination. Charlotte Ann is known as a teacher and guide to those who are, and shall be, new to immortal life. Therefore, like Gale, she no longer passes the Gift of Life to a mortal. Instead, her children are those whom she instructs in the ways of the supernatural world. She has a special talent of being able to help a newborn or an untrained fledgling, to make a smooth transition to immortality. She seldom kills any longer unless forced into it, usually taking just a ‘small sip’ from her victims and she staunchly refuses to take innocent blood or the blood of children.

Charlotte Ann is very much into style and is a self-described ‘clothes whore that does style like it’s nobody’s business’. She is a regular customer of Victoria’s Secret and knows Vickie personally. In everyday life, she dresses stylish, but sexy, always having to have the latest in style. She is very seductive and flirtatious in her interactions with mortals, using a highly refined form of sensualness to attract her prey. She doesn’t dress lavishly unless she is going to be out and about where she demands to present a youthful, but wealthy look. She is very style conscious, even when she is around her family. Her idea of jeans and a shirt are all designer labels and all tailor fitted just for her. She says that it makes up for the baggy dresses she had to wear for the last four centuries.

Charlotte Ann was born in 1606 to a prominent shipping family in London. Her father owned a large fleet of merchant ships and so she grew up accustomed to wealth. She was born and raised at Erickson Hall, the family estate her father built in the last part of the sixteenth century. She was the last of six children and the most headstrong of them all. She was a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ and loved being with her father on board his ship and around the waterfront. In modern terminology she would have considered a ‘Tom-Boy’ by her peers. When she was sixteen she sailed with her father on a short voyage to Athens and back. That trip, meant to get the adventure out of her, only served to increase her desire to explore the world. When she was eighteen, her father left on a voyage and never returned. He was finally declared lost at sea, and by the time she turned twenty-one, her mother was forced to sell the shipping business. Charlotte Ann took her portion of the proceeds from the sale and, at age twenty-two, began a tour of England. While staying at a boarding house in Cambridge she met Ferdinand … and her life changed forever …

Artwork and description © 2012, 2016, Rick H. Veal, art by Debra Taylor, D.C.A Graphics,